Boating Services on the Inland Waterways

narrowboats moored in a marina canal boats

Collidge & Partners have created a list of services that are available to you on the waterways. When planning your trip, you should be sure to check that your destination has suitable amenities for you and your vessel. If necessary, you should call your destination in advance to see if they have disabled access to suit your needs. Signs are placed in relevant spots to make clear to boat users that these are reserved for those with disabilities. More often than not, marinas will have majority of these services available to you on site including laundry and shower facilities. Generally, they will also be located near convenience stores and restaurants.

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What can you find on the waterways?

  • Water taps - On the waterways there are a number of water taps which you will have access to with your British waterways key. If you do not already have one of these, you can buy one at your local trust office, or visit the Canal River Trust’s online shop – please see here

  • Sewage disposal - If your narrowboat has a holding tank, at some point along your trip you will need to find a pump out stations, where you can dispose of your waste. Alternatively, if you have a toilet on board your narrowboat, you will need an Elsan disposal point or you can always contact a boatyard or marina who you can pay to do this for you.

  • Fuel supply - In order to be fully prepared for a boating trip on the canals, you should always start with a full tank of fuel and a backup supply stored in a jerry can. There are not many accessible fuel stations on the inland waterways, however you may find a fuel point at some marinas.

  • Chandleries - You will come across chandleries which provide not only tools and marine parts but drinks, snacks and other basic essentials to all boaters. Usually you will find these on site at marinas, but be sure to check in advance.

  • Different types of moorings are accessible on our canals and rivers. Whether you need a residential mooring or a temporary one, there will always be a mooring suited to you. Moorings are also useful to tie up your boat in order to re-stock on essential items at local shops.

  • General waste disposal and recycling are one of the most common facilities available on the UK inland waterways. You will always find a place to dispose of your rubbish within a couple of miles.

To find any of these services near you, check out the Canal River Trust’s directory.

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