News March 30, 2020

Looking to trade from your vessel?

There are a few considerations that you should bear in mind before starting to sell on the canal network.

News March 25, 2020

Cruising on a Wide Beam on the Inland Waterways

Owning a wide beam can be tough when planning a trip as many inland waterways are not suitable for the size of these vessels.

News March 17, 2020

Five things to do before setting off on your journey

Many boaters forget the importance of carrying out the relevant checks to prepare their boat before travelling on the inland waterways.

Submerged narrowboat
News March 9, 2020

Attention all boaters – some insurers have removed “Salvage or Wreck Removal” cover!

Sinking is a major risk and can leave boat owners with a hefty bill, not only for the cost of damage to their boat, but also the costs of recovering it from the waterway.

narrowboats riverboats on canal in winter
News November 6, 2019

Prepare your narrowboat for the cold weather

With the winter season just around the corner, you should start preparing your narrowboat for cold and sub-zero temperatures. Making all required arrangements for your narrowboat ahead of the winter season will avoid costly repair bills, unsafe trips and an uncomfortable stay.

row of narrowboats on canal
News September 20, 2019

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