Tips on de-winterising your boat

As you may not have had the chance to get out on your boat yet this year, we have put together a few tips on how to get ready for the sunnier days. The perfect weather for boating has arrived and we want to help ensure you de-winterise your craft properly. 

Step 1: Check your water

Go round and shut off any taps that were left open during the winter months and turn on the water pump. You should test the system to make sure you are clear of any leaks, and run water through each tap. Be sure to work from the tap nearest to the water pump and work your way up the boat as you want to ensure you push any air locks out. Lastly, your water tank will need to be emptied and refilled with fresh water.

Step 2: General maintenance

If your boat has been left unattended for a long period of time, it is important to service the engine and check all electrical systems and replace any fire extinguishers if necessary. By carrying out a general service, you will save yourself from any common issues caused by lack of maintenance.

Step 3: Check your fuel

Before setting of on a trip, we advise that you check your water trap filters and get rid of any extra water. If you don’t have a water trap filter, you should use a clear hose to check the main fuel tank.

Step 4: Inspect for loose bolts & terminals

To avoid any problems whilst out on the water, check for any loose bolts or terminals. If you detect signs of corrosions, be sure to clean as thoroughly as possible. Additionally, checking your fan belt for wear and tear and oil levels is also necessary.

Step 5: Cooling system

When starting up the engine, you should run it for around half an hour and then check the cooling system for any visible leaks and if you find an issue but are unsure how to fix it then you should get in touch with qualified engineer. If you are confident the boat is in a fit condition, you have one final check to make which will be to put the engine into gear and ensure this is running smoothly without difficulty.

Now, you should be ready to go out on your next adventure!         

Given the long lay up this year, there is always a chance of a breakdown even for well-maintained vessels – so we would recommend that you check out our inland waterways canal boat breakdown insurance cover from just £85 – for more information see here.

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