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Small Boat Insurance

Details on our Small Boat Insurance

In addition to narrow boats, Collidge & Partners specialise in providing insurance for smaller boats.

Our small boat policy is designed to provide insurance cover for vessels of 25’ and under, constructed of GRP (fibreglass) or wood.

This policy allows for a wider cruising range than our standard canal boat insurance, including the UK inland and coastal waters and inland waterways of Europe up to 12 nautical miles offshore. The policy also covers your boat whilst it is ashore or in transit.

Crossing of the English Channel, Irish Sea and North Sea is excluded.

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Our pleasure craft policy provides cover for your pleasure craft and tender, outboard motors, gear and equipment, fixtures and fittings. It includes third party insurance for costs you are legally responsible for due to injury or damage caused to others, their craft or other property.

Cover for your boat

  • Loss or damage, including accidental damage
  • Repair or replacement up to the agreed sum insured in your schedule
  • We will pay the agreed value or replace the vessel after a total loss
  • Loss or damage whilst in transit by road
  • Tenders automatically covered (if your craft is at least 18’ /5m in length)
  • Recovery of the vessel following a loss
  • Inspection of the vessel following a grounding, even if no damage is found
  • No excess applies to a claim whilst the vessel is moored on a marina berth
  • Loss or damage while your sailing vessel is racing (23ft or less)
  • £150 for booked race entry fees if you are unable to attend due to a covered incident

Cover for you

  • Personal effects – (up to £2,500)
  • Your legal liability – third party cover to others, their craft or property (£5,000,000), water skiing and wakeboarding (£3,000,000)
  • Rescue and evacuation – following an emergency (£25,000)
  • Personal accident – whilst aboard your vessel (£100,000)
  • Medical expenses – following an accident on board (£1,000)
  • Pet medical fees – following an accident on board (£500)
  • Cover for others using your vessel with your permission
  • Cover for loss or theft of your vessels keys (£500)
  • Rescue boat liability – cover whilst acting as official rescue/ support boat crew or skipper
  • Race fees – for non-refundable fees if unable to attend an entered event after a claim (£150)
  • Removal of wreck
  • Liability for towing of water toys

Cover excludes

  • Loss or damage caused by the vessel being in an unseaworthy condition
  • Theft of outboard motors unless securely locked using an anti-theft device
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Loss of money, travellers’ cheques, credit or debit cards
  • The vessel operating outside the cruising range shown in the schedule
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by an insured person (including whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Theft or vandalism of personal effects unless the craft has lockable cabin accommodation
  • You will have to pay the first part of most claims (the excess). Refer to your schedule and policy for details.
  • We will not pay more than the sum insured or limits shown in your schedule and policy.
  • Deductions for age will apply to claims for outboard motors.

Limits which apply to your insurance

  • Personal effects single item limit £250 (unless specified)
  • Personal effects up to 2% of the sum insured (maximum   £2,500 minimum £500)
  • Tenders up to £500 in value, not exceeding 16’/4.87m in length (unless specified)
  • Personal accident – £25,000 per benefit

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