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Long established expertise in insurance for narrowboats and other craft on the UK’s canals and waterways including:

  • Narrowboat Insurance
  • Canal Boat Insurance
  • Residential Narrowboat Insurance
  • Small Boat Insurance
  • Widebeam Narrowboat Insurance
  • Dutch Barge Insurance
  • Marina Insurance

Collidge & Partners are specialists in narrowboat insurance covering vessels using the UK Inland Waterways. We have been offering clients exceptional service and excellent value for money for many years. Today, as in the past, we provide excellent cover at competitive insurance premium rates.

Our insurance policies are underwritten by marine insurance specialist Navigators & General, part of Zurich Insurance, one of the world's leading insurance companies.

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We are able to cover a wide range of boats which use UK canals and inland waterways.

Our Inland Waterways insurance policy is appropriate for:

Narrowboats: canal boats less than 7 ft (2.1 metres) wide with a maximum length of 70 ft (21.3 metres) and steered with a tiller rather than a wheel. Narrow boats are usually constructed of steel.

Motor Cruisers: Motor, day pleasure and recreational boats with an inboard or outboard engine. Can range from an inflatable dinghy to a large motor boat or cabin cruiser which has an area for people to live or sleep in. Often this term refers to craft of the same design as a Narrowboat but made of GRP (fibreglass) rather than steel.

Widebeam Canal Boats: The width of a Widebeam Canal Boat usually ranges between 10’ and 14’ and they are typically constructed along the same design as a Narrowboat but with a more spacious interior.

Dutch Barges: Usually a lot bigger than a narrowboat and can range from 50’ up to 100’ in length

Our Small Boat Policy is suitable for: vessels of 25’ and under, constructed of GRP (fibreglass) or wood. See here for details

The standard cruising range for our UK Inland Waterways Policy is the Inland non tidal waterways of the United Kingdom and the Broads, Fens and inland tidal waters for direct access to inland navigation systems. 

We also offer insurance for narrowboats and other river craft in France, Belgium and Holland provided that the vessel is UK registered.

Our European inland waterways scheme can incorporate delivery trips from the UK to a mainland European Port by way of road transit. Channel crossings can also be covered for seaworthy vessels that are built and categorised for sea crossings, such as widebeam vessels, Dutch barges or larger motor cruisers.

Our Small Boat insurance policy is able to provide cover over a wider cruising range including the UK Inland and Coastal waters and Inland waterways of Europe up to 12 nautical miles offshore.  Excluding crossing of the English Channel, Irish and North Seas.

Our standard narrowboat policy provides cover for your vessel, outboard motors, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

It also includes third party cover for costs you are legally responsible for due to damage or injury caused to others, their craft or property.

Cover for your boat

  • Loss or damage, including accidental damage
  • Repair or replacement up to the agreed sum insured in your schedule
  • We will pay the agreed value or replace the vessel after a total loss
  • Loss or damage whilst in transit by road (vessels up to 30’ / 9.14m in length)
  • Tenders are automatically covered up to £2,000 and up to 16' in length, including whilst used independently from the vessel
  • Recovery of the vessel following a loss
  • Inspection of the vessel following a grounding, even if no damage is found
  • No excess applies and your No Claims Bonus will not be affected by any claim whilst the vessel is moored on a marina berth

Cover for you

  • Your legal liability
    – third party cover to others, their vessels or property (£5,000,000)
    - removal of wreck
    - pollution resulting from a sudden identifiable unintended and unexpected incident
  • Personal accident – whilst aboard your vessel (overall limit £60,000)
  • Medical expenses – following an accident on board (£500)
  • Cover for friends and family using your vessel with your permission
  • Loss or damage caused by the vessel being in an unseaworthy condition
  • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration
  • Theft of outboard motors unless securely locked using an anti-theft device
  • Theft of outboard motors unless you have safely recorded the serial number
  • Sails split by the wind or blown away
  • Machinery breakdown, mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Loss or damage of personal effects unless the vessel has lockable storage
  • Loss of money, travellers’ cheques, credit or debit cards
  • The vessel operating outside the cruising range shown in the schedule
  • Wilful misconduct or recklessness by you or other persons in control of the vessel (including under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • You will have to pay the first part of most claims (the excess)
  • We will not pay more than the sum insured or limits shown in your schedule and policy
  • Outboard motors up to 10 hp (unless specified)
  • Tenders up to £2,000 in value, not exceeding 16’ / 4.87m in length (unless specified)
  • Personal accident – £15,000 per benefit, overall limit £60,000
  • Public Liability £5,000,000
  • Residential use of your narrowboat - Our Liveaboard extension includes cover for your household belongings and for alternative accommodation up to £1,000 if your canal boat is not fit to live in after a claim
  • Road Transit - cover for a one off delivery transit of your vessel
  • Fitting out risks – to provide insurance cover for your canal boat whilst being fitted out
  • Bareboat or skippered Charter - we can provide cover for the chartering or hiring of your canal boat, either with or without crew and provisions included as part of the agreement
  • Tenanted vessels cover for canal boats which are let out to a tenant
  • Roving Trade use
  • Personal effects (up to £250 per item)
  • Contents cover up to £25,000 for residential boats

Narrowboat insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, but there is a requirement for a minimum of £2m public liability cover prior to buying your boat licence for use on UK inland waterways.

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