Five things to do before setting off on your journey

inland waterways lock uk

Many boaters forget the importance of carrying out the relevant checks to prepare their boat before travelling on the inland waterways.

To ensure you have a relaxing trip, here are 5 simple tips to remember:

  1. Ensure that you have enough fuel for your journey - You can do this by checking your boat’s fuel gauge or alternatively you can use a fuel level sight tube to measure. If necessary, make enough time before your journey to fill up at a Marina or fuel barge.

  2. Check to ensure the waterway is safe to navigate - Be aware of the stream conditions, tides, closures and restrictions that could disrupt your trip. Be sure you know the full length and width of your boat so you can check that you are able to use the locks and bridges on your planned route. Get all the information you need here.

  3. Are all the locks open and available to use? - As the inland waterways are ageing, there are continuous works taking place to restore them. Guarantee yourself a stress-free trip by ensuring you’ve planned your route thoroughly. There are many different types of locks, therefore it is important to take extra care when using them.

  4. Is the weather going to affect your journey? - The last thing you want to do is travel on the inland waterways in strong winds or heavy rain! Always remember to check the weather forecast before leaving on your trip.

  5. Do you have a safe place to moor your vessel? – Take a look around to make sure you get the right mooring best suited to your needs. Consider what facilities you need access to such as; electricity or a chandlery. To find out more about what type of moorings there are available see here.