Cruising on a Wide Beam on the Inland Waterways

Owning a wide beam can be tough when planning a trip as many inland waterways are not suitable for the size of these vessels. In this article, we share our top tips of what you should take into account before cruising.

1) Ensure your route is appropriate for your wide beam - The map below shows where you can cruise comfortably with your boat (maximum of 12ft 6in beam). You should also be conscious of the depth of the canals, as not all are regularly dredged meaning you could face the potential risk of running aground. For waterway dimensions please see here 

2) Cost of owning a Wide Beam – It is important to have a good idea of how much your wide beam will cost to run before you splash out and buy one! The initial cost of buying a wide beam is definitely expensive but the running costs are significantly larger than a narrowboat!

Make sure you take these key costs into account:

  • Licence fees – Typically higher for owners of wide beam vessels
  • Insurance: Get a quick quote today using our online form
  • Moorings fees (including water and electricity)
  • Fuel and Gas
  • General Maintenance to keep your boat running smoothly
  • Moorings

3) Comfortable Moorings – Not all marinas accommodate wide beam vessels, so make sure you have researched an appropriate place to moor up. With a wide beam, you will always want to be certain you have enough room to manoeuvre your vessel when in an enclosed marina. Ask yourself what facilities you need most – power, water, marine shop? The price of moorings may vary as they are dependent on the length and width of your boat, so ensure you budget for this cost. You can find a mooring close to you using the Waterside Mooring website 

Collidge & Partners Team