Narrowboat Insurance Buyer's Guide

As a narrowboat owner, you will require a minimum of third party liability insurance to navigate the inland waterways. This insurance covers your liability to compensate other people if someone is injured, or their property is damaged or lost arising from the ownership of your canal boat. This also covers people who you have given permission to be in control of the vessel and your liabilities whilst you are in charge of a boat which you don’t own.

As an experienced insurance broker, we at Collidge & Partners advise that you look into fully comprehensive insurance to ensure you have the protection you can rely on in the event of an accident or damage to your own craft.

What to consider when choosing the right insurance?

  • Cruising range – Standard Cruising range covers the Inland non tidal Waterways of the United Kingdom and the Broads, Fens and inland tidal waters for direct access to inland navigation systems. Our European cover includes the inland non tidal waters of France, Belgium and Holland.

  • Liveaboard cover - If your narrowboat is used as your primary residence, you should be sure to inform your insurance provider as the policies may have limitations around this cover.

  • Personal contents – It is important to check that you have the appropriate cover for not only your vessel but your personal belongings too.

  • Single-handed use - Some insurers may exclude single-handed use or charge extra for it so be sure to look out for this.

What are you covered for?

  • Accidental damage
  • Repairs
  • Loss or damage whilst in transit by road - we automatically cover this if a vessel is 30’ or under but can also offer cover for a one off road transit for bigger vessels subject to an additional premium.
  • Recovery of the vessel following a loss
  • Inspection of the vessel following a grounding
  • No excess applies and your No Claims Bonus will not be affected by any claim whilst the vessel is moored on a marina berth
  • Third party cover to others, their vessels or property (£5,000,000)
  • Removal of wreck
  • Pollution resulting from an unexpected incident
  • Personal accidents whilst aboard your vessel
  • Medical expenses following an accident on board
  • Cover for friends and family using your vessel

What’s not covered on my insurance?

  • Loss or damage caused by the boat being unseaworthy
  • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration
  • Theft of outboard motors unless securely locked using an anti-theft device
  • Theft of outboard motors unless you have safely recorded the serial number
  • Sails split by the wind or blown away
  • Machinery breakdown, mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Loss or damage of personal effects unless the vessel has lockable storage
  • Loss of money, travellers’ cheques, credit or debit cards
  • The vessel operating outside the cruising range
  • Recklessness by you or other persons in control of the vessel

How the team at Collidge & Partners can help

Our team are prepared to help assist you with all your insurance requirements, so whether you need advice on the right cover or have questions about your coverage please get in touch.

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